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Lengthen and strengthen your style with long boots

Chose from our many brands and styles of long boots today to show off your personal style as well as enjoy the protection and comfort of these essentials for the cooler months. We carry among other brands: Nome, Ilse Jacobsen, Merrell, Eskimo, Wildflower, Sorrel and UGG. You will love the selection of material, colour and detailing our long boots selection offers. Choose from lace ups, buckles, zippers, side opening, slip on, leather, suede, vegan leather and an array of seasonal colours. Whether you are wanting a heel or a very rugged sole, long boots are perfect for the colder months of the year.

Long Boot care and maintenance

Extremely resistant to the elements, high boots are made to be worn in the cold, in the snow, in the mountains, regardless of the weather. Built to endure tough conditions, you can clean your long boots with the knowledge they are strong enough to take a thorough cleaning on the exterior and sole. First sponge and lather the outside, heels and sole. Rinse and dry them inside to prevent them from staying wet too long. A coat of polish can also restore them to their near original finish. Suede long boots should first be waterproofed with a dedicated product before wearing outside.

Long boots to show off your style

Long boots are perfect for a number of occasions and compliment many outfits. First and foremost it is nice to make sure that your long boots accessorise well with your jacket if you will be wearing both outside. Whatever the height of your tall boots, they are well shown off if worn with leggings or jeans tucked in. Some models also can be worn under jeans if they are tight enough around the calf. Enjoy pairing them with skirts and dresses on women and leggings and skirts for girls. Men can wear long boots with pants or jeans.

Long boots available online today at Footway

Comfortable and easy to put on, high boots are the height of winter fashion. Wear them in town or in the mountains. Many models are lined and insulated so they will warm your feet to the tips of your toes, allowing you to walk on all surfaces without risk of slipping. With over 250 models, Footway offers a wide selection of high boots in many styles and colours that allow you to express your personality this winter. Order now online and enjoy our fast delivery service. We keep all items in stock for immediate shipping.

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3 results
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