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High Heels – an essential for special occasions

Every woman needs at least one pair of high heels in her wardrobe. Although they aren't the most comfortable shoes to wear, nothing beats a pair of high heeled shoes for style, class and adding that extra bit of height and confidence to your day. Whether it's for a job interview, a wedding or another important occasion, a beautiful pair of heels is the secret ingredient to making you feel fabulous. And as our range will show, your heels don't have to be 5 inches high to look fantastic. We offer various models in different shapes, colours and heights and a number of different materials.

Care instructions for high heels

Taking care of your shoes might seem like a lot of bother, but will repay you dividends. The few minutes of effort you put into cleaning your shoes after a night out will seem worth it the next time you come to wear them and find them looking fresh and shiny. For most materials, you can simply wipe away dust and dirt using a damp cloth. If your high heels are made of leather, you should be careful to let them dry in the open air and not near a heat source or in sunlight, as the direct heat could cause the leather to crack.

Style tips for high heels

High heels can be worn with practically any type of clothing and add a formal or sexy feel to what might otherwise be a fairly casual outfit. Wear them with a skirt where the height of the heels will add a few inches to the length of your legs. Alternatively, you can pair them with trousers to add a supremely feminine touch to a business suit or casual slacks. High heels come in all shapes and sizes and even the lowest heels can offer the advantages of extra height and a great feeling.

High heels online at footway

Choosing the perfect pair of high heels doesn't have to be taxing. Remember that here at Footway we offer an easy shopping experience and super-fast delivery. That means that you can order a few pairs of shoes that you are interested in and you will be able to try them out in the comfort of your own living room within a couple of days. This is also an optimal chance to check that they go with the outfit you were planning to wear. With super-friendly customer service, there are simply no drawbacks!

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