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Get low heel court shoes with super fast delivery

Court shoes are the classic for every woman. The timeless elegance coupled with low heels allows you to put the finishing touches on a skirt suit or smart trousers and a jacket. Also known as kitten heeled court shoes or low-heeled pumps, low heel court shoes are one of the most comfortable types of formal shoe. A popular choice among women who need formal shoes for everyday wear. These shoes come in various colours, including the classic black, which goes with everything. They also come in various materials and in matte or shiny models.

Care instructions for low-heeled court shoes

Court shoes are most often worn in business or formal situations, so it is particularly important that they appear to be clean and in good condition. However, you don't need to spend ages every day taking care of your shoes. Just a little consideration each time you wear them will repay big time in their appearance. Depending on the surface, wipe off dust and dirt with a damp cloth and allow the shoes to dry naturally at room temperature. Keep shoes (particularly those made of natural materials such as leather) away from direct heat sources which may cause them to crack).

Style tips for low heel court shoes

Match these kitten heels with various items, including skirts, trousers and dresses. When it comes to colour, you can go for matching or contrast strategies. The matching strategy means that you choose shoes in a similar colour to the rest of your outfit. The contrast strategy is for those wanting to draw attention to their beautiful shoes. For example, wear red shoes with a black dress and red lips and nails for a great contrast.

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14 results
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