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Beautiful and elegant ankle boots

Low ankle boots are surely the most versatile type of boot. While not as efficient at keeping in the warmth as the higher types of boots, leather ankle boots still do a great job of keeping out the draughts and wet, and the options for wearing them with different types of clothing are simply tremendous. Wear your ankle boots to work or on a date, as well as on shopping trips or for casual outings. They come in high or low heeled, as well as synthetic varieties and once you find a comfortable pair, you will never want to take them off.

Taking care of your ankle boots

Keeping your shoes nice doesn't have to be a big effort. Most shoes will stay fresh with just a quick wipe after each time you wear them. If your ankle boots get very dirty, you can remove caked mud or dirt with a soft brush or damp cloth. Use a leather polish to condition the material and keep it supple. You can use a waterproofing agent before the first use and then periodically to prevent any damage from contact with moisture. Allow your boots to dry at room temperature before you put them away and they will last for a long while to come.

Style tips for ankle boots

Ankle boots look great underneath trousers or jeans. For best results, wear them with long trousers or boot-cut jeans, which are designed to allow extra space for the boots to fit. However, you can also wear ankle boots with skirts and dresses of any length as well as with tights and tight trousers. The only thing to watch out for is the colour. Brown or beige boots are usually a good choice, but there may be some occasions when only a pair of black boots would look right. Why not invest in both, to avoid awkward clashes?

Ankle boots online at Footway

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2 results
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