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Ankle Boots, perfect for jeans and more!

Find your favourite ankle boots in all makes and models including Sixtyseven, Tramp, Ecco, Tommy Hilfiger, among numerous others. High heel ankle boots are an easy and elegant way to gain a few centimetres as well as a great way to accessorise a number of outfits. They can be worn with jeans for a casual look or dressed up with a dress, suit or skirt. Our selection of high heel ankle boots and stiletto ankle boots is vast. Enjoy browsing the many fabrics and styles, all the best the season has to offer!

Maintaining your high heel ankle boots

Most high heeled boots are made of leather, suede or faux suede. Because they are often delicate, it is therefore necessary to protect them so that they can last longer than without maintenance. To start, waterproof upon purchasing using a special product for leather or suede. To maintain leather, employ a nourishing cream from time to time to restore the shoe’s upper. For suede, use a special ‘eraser’ to return the finish to looking new. Remember to also give attention and care to the heels. Often, scratches can be removed with a special product.

High heel ankle boots offer style and grace

High heel ankle boots as well as stiletto ankle boots offer a number of ways to enhance an outfit. Because they are offered in so many styles and varieties, you can elevate your look simply by carefully selecting your ankle boots. Go simple with shirt and pants and bring the detail to the ankle boots that feature interesting features or colours. They can be worn with carefully selected socks or leg warmers along with a skirt or short dress for an alternative look. Under pants or with leggings also works with an oversized sweater or tailored men’s jacket.

High heel ankle boots online at Footway

Ultra feminine, you can wear your high heeled ankle boots nearly all the time. With nearly 500 models, Footway gives you the opportunity to find the pair that best expresses your personality! Thanks to their versatility, the heeled and stiletto boots allow you to multiply your looks in so many ways. Order your online high heeled boots and enjoy our fast delivery service. We ship items within hours of receiving your order so there is no need to wait for your shoes. Get high heel ankle boots and many more styles at Footway, by ordering from the comfort of your own living room. It's shopping made easy!

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3 results
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