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High-heeled ankle boots to vamp up your wardrobe

We offer a tremendous selection of women’s high-heeled ankle boots, available in dozens of styles, colors and materials. Find your favourite pair and elevate your height and fashion sense by slipping on a pair of these eternally sexy boots that look great throughout the year, especially in the cooler months. Whether you like high-heeled ankle boots and high-heeled knee-highs in a modern or retro style, choose the ones that best express your personality. high-heeled ankle boots will take you everywhere you want to go in style: whether it’s work or play. Among our brands we offer Geox, Ecco, Duffy, Vagabond, UGG as well as many others.

Caring for your high-heeled ankle boots

High heeled boots can be worn from one year to another if treated and maintained well. The soles and heels can be made of plastic or wood, leather or rubber, while the outside of the boot is usually made of leather or suede (genuine or synthetic). To maintain them, be sure to have the right products for the given material. Waterproof your boots with a dedicated product to protect against rain and snow. To clean your high-heeled ankle boots or high-heeled knee-highs, scrub using a brush and warm water as well as the heel and the tip of the boots. Dry them thoroughly before wearing outdoors.

High-heeled ankle boots: what to wear with them

High-heeled ankle boots and high-heeled knee-highs are great for practically every type of a woman’s size, shape and personality. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, skirts, tights worn under wool shorts as well as leggings and a sweater. Try wearing tights or stockings and a mini skirt with a pair of high-heeled ankle boots or high-heeled knee-highs with a warm pea coat or other winter jacket for a put together and appealing look. They can be worn everywhere: school, work, in the evening and on the weekend. Instead of pumps, opt for high-heeled ankle boots and combine comfort with high style.

High-heeled ankle boots online at Footway

high-heeled ankle boots are a must for every woman’s wardrobe, and Footway is the obvious supplier for these and many other kinds of boots. Whether you need tall, short, high, low or medium-heeled, our range is one of the largest in the online world today. We think you will be satisfied with the extent of our selection and the simplicity of the shopping experience we offer. Ordering couldn’t be simpler, and if you need any help or have any question, or friendly customer service team is just an email or phone call away."

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3 results
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