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Sandals and slippers for children

Sandals and slippers aren’t just for adults, in fact they can bring great joy to your child’s life. The convenience of slipping something on and off will be perfect for your kids, especially considering the difficult of tying laces! Treat your child to a special pair of sandals or slippers, and they’ll have something easy to put on in both indoor and outdoor environments. Sandals are great for offering ventilation, where feet can really breathe on a hot day. Introducing your kids to sandals from a young age is great preparation for the future, serves a practical purpose, and helps them look the part too. Slippers are great for indoor use, and will get your kids used to designated footwear for indoors. They can get into the routine of taking their outdoor shoes off, and slipping into something a bit more comfortable when they get in.

Care instructions for Sandals and slippers for children

Sandals and slippers don’t require too much attention, but they shouldn’t be neglected altogether. Slippers are less prone to getting dirty, but sandals will because they come into contact with outside dirt. Give your kid’s sandals a simple wipe down, to regularly remove some of the dirt which settles on their surface. Go that extra step by cleaning the soles too, to ensure they stay pristine. Slippers don’t need to be cleaned, but do need to be looked after. Try to encourage your kids not to tread the backs of their slippers down, unless of course they have a backless pair.

Choosing the right Sandals and slippers for children

Your decision centres on what you think is right, and of course your child’s opinion too. With so much to choose from, you might want to narrow your selection by using Footway’s advanced search feature. Here you can apply filters to select from a more suitable pool of sandals and slippers. Spend some time making the right decision, and you can even think about which item of footwear will best match your kid’s outfits!

Sandals and slippers for children online at Footway

Choose from one of many great pairs, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’re in the process of making a purchase but have concerns, refer to our FAQ section. Here we’ve addressed many common issues, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with our customer service team for targeted resolutions.

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