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adidas Sport Performance kids’ shoes

It’s a great idea to get kids into sports at an early age, and that means outfitting them with all the necessary gear, including shoes that are appropriate for sports. Feet are most sensitive while they are growing, so as a responsible parent, you can’t invest too much into making sure that your children have the best possible conditions for a healthy body and well-formed feet. The brand, adidas Sport Performance, is a special line released by the sportswear giant adidas, where all shoes are designed and manufactured with growing feet in mind. With many years of experience in the sports industry, you can trust adidas to get it right.

The history of adidas Sport Performance shoes for kids

Although the adidas story started in the 1920s, this German brand didn’t come into being until later. When the two co-founders of a leading sportswear company decided to go their separate ways, Adolf Dassler went on to found the adidas company and create sports clothing and shoes that would capture the world’s attention and loyalty. The small beginnings of the brand are reflected in the wonderful craftsmanship and innovative approach that have gone into making every single pair.

Caring for adidas Sport Performance kids’ shoes

Children who play sports are likely to be healthy and happy, but that doesn’t mean that their shoes will automatically get the same fate! You may have to invest some effort into teaching you children how to care for their shoes to make sure that each pair will last for a long time. One idea is to keep a cloth next to your front door, which children can use to wipe their shoes after getting home. Another is to have a rule about emptying out sports bags as soon as you get home. Shoes which are allowed to dry out, ready for the next sports session, have a much better chance of surviving intact.

adidas Sport Performance kids’ shoes - online at Footway

At Footway, we have many options when it comes to children’s sports shoes. We know that kids love to be included in the choice of their next pair of shoes, so why not ask them which model they prefer from the adidas Sport Performance selection? In case there aren’t any shoes that catch their eye, you can always try one of our other brands instead. With thousands of pairs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one in the end.

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