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Strappy sandals for summer wear

It wouldn't be summer without the distinctive tan lines from wearing your strappy sandals in the sun. A pair of sandals with criss-cross or straight straps are simply a must for the warmer months. Not only are your feet cooler with open access to the air, but the sandals are also elegant and go with any summer skirt or dress. These sandals are ideal for work or leisure wear and are light-weight and easy to pack in your suitcase for holidays abroad.

Taking good care of strappy sandals

Although the straps look beautiful, they can be dust traps and quite fiddly to clean. One good strategy is to wipe the shoes while you are still wearing them and the straps are filled out and stretched taut. Wipe away dust with a dry or slightly damp cloth and keep the original colour and material of your sandals looking nice. Don't forget to wash your feet afterwards! Although strappy sandals will mainly be worn in the sun, it's a good idea to limit the sun exposure the rest of the time as too much heat from sunlight is not good for the material of the sandals.

Style tips for strappy sandals

Matching your sandals with your clothing is more a question of colour and design than of style. The supremely summery look of a pair of strappy sandals makes them fit well with practically any outfit, whether you are wearing a skirt, shorts, trousers or a dress. It's best to avoid socks, but in the summer who doesn't? A pair of brown strappy sandals is a good choice when it comes to matching them with more of your wardrobe. However, why not go for a more daring, bright colour? You may just catch the eye of the person you have been admiring!

Strappy sandals online at Footway

Buying shoes online used to be a complicated process, but nowadays, advances in technology and online payment systems have made it super-easy to order your strappy sandals online. Even better, with this type of shoe, the strap system on the sandals is usually adjustable, so you are certain to get a good fit. Enjoy your lightning-quick delivery and our friendly customer service. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Contact with customers makes our day go better! Let us help your day to go better too.

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