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Sneaker boots – be the coolest in town

Sneakers and boots combined in the same shoe, how could the mix be anything other than spectacular? Sneaker boots have been becoming more popular in recent times thanks to the association with hip hop music and the simple practicality of having a pair of sneakers that look so stylish while also protecting and keeping your ankles warm. You can wear sneaker boots in any of the situations where you would wear a normal pair of sneakers, except that your coolness factor will be multiplied several-fold!

Taking good care of your sneaker boots

Caring for your shoes might seem like a lot of trouble, but it is worth it in the long run. Your sneaker boots might pick up dirt and grime from the adventures you have while wearing them, but if you simply wipe them off after every use, you will be surprised at how simple it is to keep them clean. You can use a waterproofing agent when you first get your trainers to ensure that they do not take in too much moisture from the rain. Allow them to stand and dry naturally after every use and you will be rewarded with fresh sneaker boots that are always ready for your next big night out.

Style tips for sneaker boots

Wear your sneaker boots with bare legs (for example shorts, or a short skirt) to really show off your choice of footwear. Wearing them underneath tracksuit bottoms is also a popular choice. Be sure to tuck in the ends of your trousers so that the boots are visible. Hiding them defeats the point! You can go for a number of cool colours and there are several famous brands in our range. Match your sneaker boots with your favourite accessory such as a hat or headscarf. You can also go for a completely coordinated outfit. If in doubt, white sneakers are the classics to fall back on.

Sneaker boots online at Footway

Footway offer a wide range of sneaker boots and we send them to you fast. Great service is our normal operating procedure and we strive to be one of the best there is. We offer one of the best selections online and provide a handy filtering system to help you make up your mind which pair out of our huge range is the perfect pair for you. Once you have ordered, we ship within a few hours and we also offer great customer service if you need any help with any aspect of your online shopping experience.

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21 results
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