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Trainers and sneakers in many different styles

Whether you are a walker, into sports such as volleyball or tennis, or simply like to wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes, you cannot go wrong with a quality pair of trainers. Also called sneakers, they are the classic sports or leisure shoe, versatile, trendy and available in various styles and models. At Footway we have some of the biggest brands of trainers on the market, so you can be sure of impressing your friends with your new purchase of trainers. They come in various materials from genuine leather to synthetic and vegan models.

How to take care of your trainers

If you are out and about a lot, trainers are a great choice. However, the constant outdoor exposure can result in a layer of dust and grime attaching itself to the outside of your trainers. Particularly noticeable if you went for a white pair! However, there are foolproof methods for keeping your shoes looking nice. Make sure to wipe them down after every use to avoid the dust becoming ingrained in the surface. You should also be careful to allow them to dry after every use to avoid the odour and discolouration problems that accompany moisture in shoes.

Style tips for trainers

Practically everyone wears trainers from time to time so there is a wealth of inspiration when it comes to finding a style to follow. You can go for the classic sporty look and wear your trainers with tracksuit bottoms or leggings. However, nowadays many people wear trainers as a natural complement to jeans or 3/4-length trousers. In the summer, trainers go very well with shorts and are the obvious choice for walks and adventures in the great outdoors. You can even wear a pretty pair of trainers with a skirt or dress. The choices are endless!

Trainers online at Footway

Buying trainers online is all the rage nowadays. If you haven't yet experienced the convenience of shopping online, why not let us convince you of the great advantages? Not only is our catalogue far bigger than that of the average shoe store, but you can browse in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. We offer fast delivery at super-quick speeds so you won’t have to wait long before being able to try out your shoes. We also offer super-friendly customer service if you have any problems. That's just how great shoe-shopping online can be!

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