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Clip & Rope – the shoes to rely on

There’s nothing quite like having the right shoes for the job. The correct footwear can make all the difference in the way you walk and move, as well as the way you feel. Whatever the job, you can find some appropriate shoes by searching through the Clip & Rope selection here on Footway. These shoes are made for everyday use, but they are also stylish enough to carry you through evenings out with panache. You can match these superb colours with your favourite t-shirt or go for a neutral pair that will go with everything.

Join the ranks of Clip & Rope lovers

There are many people who have something to say about shoes, and when it comes to the Clip & Rope brand, the approval for the footwear is high. Many men have found a brand to truly rely on with excellent quality and versatile footwear. Whether you are an urban inhabitant or a lover of the outdoors and countryside, you’ll find that these shoes will be your steadfast companions throughout. Why not invest in a couple of pairs? That way you’ll be prepared for all eventualities and all have a back-up pair to carry you through.

Taking care of Clip & Rope footwear

Looking after shoes doesn’t need to be a full-time job. You can save a lot of labour by protecting your shoes from the start, before you ever wear them. Follow our four top tips to extend shoe life:1. Treat them with a waterproofing spray or wipe-on formula to help them to repel dirt and rain.2. Always let the shoes stand to air for a while before putting them away.3. Keep shoes, especially leather and suede, away from direct heat sources such as radiators.4. Use a shoehorn to protect the backs of the shoes when putting them on.

Clip & Rope online at Footway

If you haven’t yet tried online shopping, there is no better place to try for the first time then at Footway. We have worked hard to make our online shop as user-friendly as possible, and our ordering process is one of the simplest and quickest that you can find online. Whichever pair of shoes has caught your eye, you can have them ordered and on the way over to you within just a few clicks. Create an account and save your details to make ordering next time quicker and simpler.

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6 results
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