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Conguitos – excellent shoes for kids

The secret of Conguitos is the magical blend of functionality and flair that has made their kids’ shoes such a success in so many countries. This Spanish brand has really found a recipe for success and is ready to share the excitement with you and your children. If you’ve been looking for the perfect brand to care for your children’s feet at the same times as satisfying their personal sense for colour and style, then you have hit home in Conguitos shoes. With a selection that includes summer and winter footwear, you can care for those little feet all year around.

The history behind Conguitos

When the brand started in 1990, it was the combination of comfort and style and the commitment to helping small feet grow that made the shoes such an incredible success. From the start and all the way until now, the brand has released a series of related collections, each with a different focus. There is the Fresas line for fashion-conscious girls, the go-flex line, which incorporates innovative materials, and the basics line, consisting of shoes that are easy on both your eyes and your wallet.

Keeping those Conguitos shoes in good shape

Caring for shoes is something that you can teach kids about from a young age. The good habits that you instil in them will last them for a lifetime, and ensure that there is no need to replace shoes until they have been outgrown. If you have bought shoes made of leather or suede, the caring instructions may be different. For example, suede should not be exposed to moisture, but rather only brushed with a suede brush. You should always let shoes air for a while before storing them, and keep delicate materials away from direct heat.

Conguitos online at Footway

Let your children discover a wealth of online shoes when you shop at Footway. Teaching them how to shop online is a skill that will come in handy throughout their lifetimes. Don’t forget that you can also take part in our shoe-crazy community when you sign up for an account with us. You can check out our shoe blogs, post comments for various models and generally join in the shoe love. Best of all, we’ll remember your details and past orders, which makes shoe-shopping just that tiny bit more convenient. If you have any questions or queries, or even just feedback about the website, don’t hesitate to contact us for friendly help and advice.

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50 results
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