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Converse – the ultimate sneakers

There’s a pair of Converse for everyone. They are flat, fast and furious. Completely white, military green, with the American flag, winter lined, with stylish tropical designs, high, low, ballerina shoes, with heels, for children, leather, bright pink ... you get it, the list of Converse models is endless.

The basketball shoe that is in everyone’s closet

The Converse success story started with the classic Converse All Stars model, which became a giant on the basketball court during the 1920’s. Converse All Stars are also known as "Chuck Taylors", named after the legendary basketball player who was their spokesman from the early 1920’s until his death in 1969. Celebrities around the world are seen daily in Converse shoes, first giants such as Kurt Cobain and The Ramones, followed by "newcomers" like Kirsten Stewart and Justin Bieber. If anything, this shows how easy it is to combine a pair of Converse with your own style – everyone can wear them!

Converse - classic sneakers which can be worn anywhere

You can really wear your Converse with anything, regardless of who you are. Are you a skater? Converse are perfect for you because of the rubber sole that gives a great grip on the ground and the board. Are you more of a rocker? Wear your Converse like David Bowie or The Ramones, with tight jeans and a cool jacket. Do you prefer the clean, simplistic Swedish design? Go for a pair of white Converse with jeans in a light colour and a white knitted top. For a more romantic look you can wear your white Converse with a flowery dress for that wonderful boho-chic look.

Take care of your shoes from Converse

Always check what material your Converse are made in. Shoes with leather upper should be impregnated before first use and then regularly during the shoes lifetime to prevent dirt and moisture from getting the better of your shoes. For white cotton canvas Converse All Stars you can remove stubborn stains with white toothpaste – just scrub with a toothbrush or a shoe brush and rinse carefully in cold water.

Converse online at Footway

It’s convenient to you buy your new stylish Converse online at Footway since we have an enormous selection with more than 200 different models. In addition, we offer one of the smoothest shopping experiences online and great customer service. Get in touch if you have questions or problems.

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