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Crime – shoes that should be arrested

It would be a serious crime to ignore this brand. Luckily, there’s no way that the brand can fail to escape your attention. This amazing London brand has been selling vintage sneakers for a fair few years, and their success is only growing. If you are a serial sneaker wearer then you’ll find plenty to admire in these shoes. Whether you have plenty of sneakers or need to replace your only pair, there’s a very good chance that this excellent brand could have what you’re looking for. Browse through and take your time choosing from these amazing creations.

A short history of Crime – the shoe version

Crime started with a pair of sisters studying in London who were inspired by the amazing underground culture of various London districts. Their attempt to capture this “groove” and inject it into their shoes was ultimately successful and resulted in the Crime brand that so many young people know and love today. Their style is really something special and the shoes offer a way to show off your own personal sense of fashion in a unique and inspired way. Best of all, the brand is ethically conscious and invests in proper working conditions and natural materials that will not harm the environment or the people who handle them.

Care tips for Crime shoes

The vintage selection from this brand already look old with stressed fabric and worn-in leather. As a result, there’s no need to add your own marks of wear and tear. Instead, you can take care of your Crime shoes and they will remain your faithful friend throughout your life’s journey. Keep your shoes clean by wiping away dust and dirt with a soft cloth. You can also use a waterproofing treatment to help the shoes to repel dirt and mud when you’re out in the British weather.

Crime online at Footway

It would be a Crime to let these beautiful shoes rot away on our shelves. That’s why we’re especially glad to offer this range and always do a little happy dance whenever an order comes in. Of course, we often dance throughout the day. Who wouldn’t when they’re surrounded by beautiful shoes? And that urge to dance might soon infect you when you receive the delivery with your amazing new shoes! With our fast delivery times, you won’t have too long to wait. The quicker you order, the quicker your shoes will be with you.

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