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D.A.T.E. – sneaker for every walk of life

Sneakers are quite simply the best footwear for a wide range of purposes and contexts. They are comfortable, versatile and can carry you throughout the day without you ever needing to spare a thought for your footwear. As it should be. The special thing about the D.A.T.E. brand is the mixture of ideas and innovation that comes naturally from the combination of the four founders of the company: Damiano, Alessandro, Tommaso and Emiliano. At Footway, we offer a range of children’s shoes, but the brand is mainly focused on adult footwear.

Get a D.A.T.E. with your ideal shoes

As the names suggest, these creative young men are Italian and bring along all the passion and fashion consciousness of the Italian heritage in their shoemaking.Since the small beginnings, where all four founders were working day jobs alongside their ambitious shoe project, the brand has had that certain magic that is bound to result in success. Their big break came in 2006 when they were able to secure a stand at the fashion show in Uomo, which resulted in huge shoe sales and the security of knowing that they had succeeded. The brand is still going strong, making high quality and innovative sneakers for the men and women of the modern day.

Style tips for D.A.T.E. shoes

The D.A.T.E. brand has a strong signature but will easily adapt itself to fit with your personal style. The shoes are mainly made in neutral colours with highlights in other shades. You can create an eye-catching outfit by matching the colour of the highlighting with some other aspect of your outfit. Matched shoes and jacket makes for an interesting combination, as does matching shoes with a scarf or other accessory. If you’re uninterested in fashion or style, you can simply go for a neutral pair and they will match everything you wear.

D.A.T.E. online at Footway

The best thing you can do when buying new shoes is to turn your gaze online and take a look through the vast range. You will find many hundreds more pairs in our online selection than could ever fit into a physical store. But don’t worry that you will be bewildered by choice. You can filter your search easily by brand, colour or shoe model, and also eliminate any shoes that are the wrong size. Shopping online is easy and fun, so if you haven’t already discovered it, let us be the ones to show you the way.

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4 results
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