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DC Shoes – skater and street wear since 1994

This Californian brand was launched in 1994 taking inspiration from the skating and urban fashion worlds. Various professional skateboarders have been strongly associated with the brand throughout the years and DC sponsors a global skateboarding team as well as various regional teams. They have also been linked to other sports such as surfing and mountain biking. Although the brand is nowadays a part of the Quiksilver group, they have not lost their own identity, with the stylish trainers speaking volumes about urban trends as well as the cool skater lifestyle. They are available in high and low varieties and a number of funky colour combinations.

Care instructions for DC shoes

Although caring for trainers might seem like an un-cool distraction, the truth is that even the most stylish urbanites spend time looking after their shoes to keep them in good shape. Even if you are not involved in the skateboarding world, you can do the same to ensure that your shoes last for years to come. If you have been out in the rain, wipe off dirt and moisture as soon as you get home. More resistant patches of dirt can be removed with a soft brush or by using a specially formulated foam cleaner. Always allow your trainers to air dry after wearing them to make sure that all sweat and moisture evaporates.

DC style tips

You don’t have to be a skater or a skating enthusiast to be attracted by these cool trainers with their sleek design and great colours. Aside from sporting use, they can be matched with shorts in the summer or jeans in the winter for a casual and laid-back look. With such a range of colours available, it should be easy to find one that matches or complements your outfit – or you could even go for a vivid colour and then adapt your wardrobe to fit the shoes. One thing is certain; you won’t be overlooked with a pair of stylish DC shoes on your feet.

DC shoes online at Footway

Ordering your DC shoes from us doesn't require more effort than just a few clicks. We invite you to experience our smooth and fuss-free shopping experience and enjoy the simplicity of ordering your favourite shoes to be delivered to your door. We ship things quickly and are ready to answer any questions you may have if you would like to contact us by phone, email or any other method.

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