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Dekline – footwear for skaters

Dekline designs and produces awesome skate shoes, engineered specifically for skaters. Extra strong and durable exactly where you need them to be, these shoes will outlast the rest of the shoes in the skate park. Dekline boasts some of the best skaters in the world on their team: Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Nick Merlino, Matt Bennett, Chad Tim Tim and Dakota Servold do all their cool and impressive tricks in a pair of outstanding shoes from Dekline. And you want to hang with the cool kids, right? Then footwear from this brand is most definitely what you want on your feet!

Dekline – designed by skaters for skaters

Dekline was founded in 2004 by a group of passionate skaters. Ever since then, the footwear brand has continued to design and provide skate shoes of superior quality to the constantly growing skateboard community. In September 2012, Dekline introduced the Tim Tim, the brand’s very first pro model shoe, represented by no other than the great Chad Tim Tim. The inspirations behind the brand are skateboarding, music, art & design, motorcycles and last, but not least, enjoying life to the fullest. Dekline’s goal is to “represent individuality through a creative approach to timeless footwear” and with this, they have truly succeeded!

Dekline – wear and care

Sure, Dekline footwear was initially designed with skateboarders in mind but this doesn’t mean that the shoes can only be worn for skating, or by skaters. These excellent shoes can be worn by anyone who enjoys a relaxed, laid-back and functional style and they go equally well with your shorts as they do with a pair of jeans or chinos. Dekline shoes are easy to care for. Several of their models are made of suede and benefit from a bit of care every now and then. Brush the shoes with a suede brush over a pot with boiling water, the steam will loosen up the dirt.

Dekline online at Footway

Dekline shoes are cool, relaxed and oh-so-comfy and we at Footway are happy to offer you a great selection with several models that are very much in demand at the moment. Don’t have time to hit the stores and look for a pair of your own Dekline? Don’t worry, Footway is open 24/7, every day of the year, which means that you can browse and shop whenever you feel like it. When you have found a model that you like, simply order it with a few clicks and your new footwear from Dekline will very soon be on its way.

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