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Diavolina – shoes for the modern woman

Feminine, stylish, elegant, cute and sexy – those are all attributes of Diavolia’s lovely shoes, designed with the modern, fashion-conscious woman in mind. In Footway’s selection with Diavolina shoes, you find an array of heels, pumps and wedges in exciting colours and patterns as well as in timeless, classic black. Are you one of those women who admires other women’s shoes, perhaps in a bold colour or perhaps with some exciting detailing? Go for a pair of Diavolina shoes! They are colourful, sleek, modern and yet they will never go out of style – a great addition to your shoe closet!

Diavolina – Australian design and quality

Diavolina, which means “Little She-devil”, is an Australian footwear brand, part of the Robert Robert Group, a footwear manufacturer with many years’ experience in the shoe industry and a great reputation for making high-quality shoes. With Diavolina, Robert Robert created some of the hottest heels and wedges on the Australian market. Now, the Diavolina-fever has spread across the world and more and more women go crazy for this high fashion brand for footwear. The shoes are modern yet timeless, bold yet discreet. They stand out, yet they compliment every outfit. With a pair of Diavolina shoes, you simply cannot go wrong.

Diavolina – how to style and care for your shoes

Diavolina shoes in suede need a bit of TLC to stay beautiful for many years to come. Invest in a suede brush and brush the shoes on a regular basis, preferably over steam from a boiling pot. This will help to remove any dirt and also give the suede a harmless clean-up. The suede will look as good as new again. Diavolina shoes go beautifully with a pretty summer dress, a classic Little Black Dress and even a pair of distressed jeans and a clean, crisp blouse. The shoes can be dressed up or dressed down, it’s really entirely up to you!

Diavolina online on Footway

Now you can buy your own pair of Diavolina shoes from Footway! And the great thing is, you don’t have to wait for our store to open – we are open 24/7, every day of the year. All you have to do is browse our selection, click on the model that you like and read more about it under "Info". When you have made up your mind, you just click "Buy", follow the instructions and your new Diavolina shoes will shortly be on their way to you! Buy your shoes online from Footway, we have an impressive selection and we are always open!

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