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Dico Copenhagen – Danish fashion shoes

We are proud to present a timeless yet very fashionable and trendy selection with gorgeous shoes, boots, heels and wedges from Dico Copenhagen. These carefully designed shoes in top-quality materials, will make the perfect addition to any wardrobe. If you are a fashionista who has high expectations when it comes to design, quality and fit, you have found the perfect brand for you! Dico Copenhagen is sure to deliver in all areas, and don’t be surprised if your girlfriends compliment you for your shoes and ask where you got them from. Be sure to tell them that you found them here on Footway!

Dico Copenhagen – a popular and well-established brand

Dico Copenhagen is a very popular brand with many years in the shoe manufacturing business and have a great reputation in the industry. They are famous for their clean, simplistic Scandinavian design, high quality and comfort – attributes that we all want in our shoes. Dico Copenhagen designs shoes that are meant to be worn often. That is why the company takes great pride in using only the very best materials in their shoes, which you will notice when you hold the shoes in your hand. Soft leather and suede, is there anything more comfortable to wear on your feet?

Dico Copenhagen – wear and care

Shoes from Dico Copenhagen are made in genuine leather and suede and therefore require some TLC every now and then to ensure that they stay as gorgeous and stylish as when you wore them for the very first time. They look great with jeans and a nice top, a long, bohemian skirt or romantic dress, and also a short skirt or dress for that matter. With a pair of boots from Dico Copenhagen, you will always feel dressed for the occasion, anytime of the day. But even if your shoes from Dico Copenhagen are your absolute favourites, they prefer to go out in dry weather!

Dico Copenhagen online at Footway

At Footway, we are happy to offer you a great selection with several models from Dico Copenhagen that are very much in demand at the moment. Are you too busy to hit the stores and try on a pair of your very own Dico Copenhagen? Don’t fret, at Footway we are always open 24/7, every day of the year, which means that you can browse and shop whenever you feel like it. When you have found a model that you like, just order it with a few clicks and your new shoes from Dico Copenhagen will very soon be on their way.

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