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Diesel shoes – innovative Italian design in casual shoes

The Italian Diesel brand is known for making quality denim clothing, as well as great shoes and other accessories, since 1978. The founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso imagined a brand that would combine individual self-expression with passion for clothing and life. And he succeeded in leading the company from strength to strength. Diesel has become a premium casual brand, offering an innovative alternative to the big fashion houses of the luxury market. The story with their shoes is no different. The Footway range offers almost 200 different pairs of Diesel shoes for men and women who want a flamboyantly casual look.

Caring for your Diesel shoes

Don’t let your shoes run away from you. Always look after them and they will reward you by being faithfully fresh to wear every time you want to put them on. Waterproof new shoes before the first time you wear them and always wipe them clean of dust and dirt after wear. You can use a damp cloth or a soft brush on leather and suede. Always leave the shoes in the open air for a while to allow them to dry before you put them away in the wardrobe. This will allow any moisture to evaporate and keep the shoes nicer for longer.

Style tips for Diesel shoes

Diesel shoes are for the innovators and trendsetters. When you glance through the range, you will see that these are no ordinary shoes. That is not to say that you cannot find all the classic models, but they all have that distinctive Diesel twist that has made the brand so successful through the years. Why not emulate some of the Diesel daring and go for a brighter colour or a chunkier pair of heels than you usually choose? The originality of the shoes could also permeate the rest of your life, adding excitement and novelty wherever you go.

Diesel shoes online at Footway

Buying Diesel shoes online has never been easier than with Footway. Make your choice using our convenient filter system, add your chosen shoes to the basket and then go to the checkout to complete your payment. If you experience problems while ordering, or have any questions, please get in touch with us. We are very friendly and more importantly; we are devoted to getting you your new shoes without delay.

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