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Dollybird shoes – fashion meets comfort

Whether you are dressing for a day in the office or a glamourous evening out with your partner and your friends, Dollybird is sure to have a great pair of heels for you. With modern, trendy design, you will be able to create an alluring, contemporary look regardless of the occasion. Not only are Dollybird shoes very stylish, they are comfortable as well and will make you several inches taller and thus the envy of almost every woman in the room. Choose between several different models of sexy, stunning heels with fun and exciting details like bows, studs or animal prints.

Dollybird – fashion-forward design

There is no question about it – Dollybird knows fashion and the latest trends. They also know that many killer heels are just that – killers. After only an hour or so, your feet are killing you and you are frantically looking for a chair so that you can sit down and preferably remove your shoes. But not Dollybird! They have put some extra thought into the construction and managed to marry fashion with comfort in a very successful and prosperous union. With a pair of stunning heels from Dollybird, you will be able to dance the night away without a care in the world.

Dollybird – how to style and care

Your Dollybird shoes are absolutely stunning with a long evening gown, a short cocktail dress, slacks, a short pencil skirt and even jeans! Wear them with pride! They will attract the attention of everybody in the room and don’t be surprised if women walk up to you and ask you where you got your shoes from – be sure to tell them that you got them on Footway! As your Dollybird shoes are made in genuine suede and leather, save them for days when it’s dry outside and they will last for many seasons to come and look as gorgeous as they did when you got them.

Dollybird online at Footway

At Footway, you find a range of exquisite heels from Dollybird. All you have to do to order from us is, find your favourite pair (or maybe you fancy several pairs?!), click on buy and then follow the simple instructions and then check-out. After a few days, you will have your new shoes delivered to you! When you shop online from Footway, you can pop in and browse whenever it suits you the best: during your coffee break or your kids’ soccer practice. We never close, not even for the big holidays! Buy your shoes from Footway – easy and very convenient!

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7 results
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