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Dr Martens - from mods and grunge to a well-known boot

Dr Martens boots have always been worn by people who believe in themselves and in changing the world around them. But with everything from hot pink boots to more modest winter boots in brown suede, Dr Martens does not only challenge the societal norms, they also appeal to the wide group of people who simply want to have cool and sturdy boots.

Boots with an edge

You’d think that Nike were pioneers in adding air into the soles but believe it or not, Dr Martens beat them to it. Already in the 1940’s, the German doctor Dr. Maertens designed the den air suspension sole that you find in today’s Dr Martens shoes (slightly redefined though). When he sold his technique to a British company that created the classic Dr Martens boot around the sole, it was soon to be a success. Originally intended as a work boot, Dr Martens became a hit with the British mods, especially after The Who wore them. Later on the boots became popular with the punk rockers and the grunge kids as well. After laying low for a while, the brand came back in the early 2000’s and once the company launched their mainstream models the brand reached an even larger audience.

Today fashion bloggers as well as punk rockers wear Dr Martens

Dr Martens has a history of being the preferred boot by those who want to make an impression with their personal style. That is why Dr Martens offer boots for anyone wanting to be seen, regardless of if you wear hot pink boots or leopard patterned ones. Nowadays Dr Martens also design shoes, sandals and stylish winter boots that combine the sturdy and stable sole with winter lining, leather and suede. Fashionistas like to wear Dr Martens boots with a romantic dress – or if you are a man, with slim fit jeans and a stylish leather jacket.

Dr Martens online at Footway

At Footway you find more than 100 different models of Dr Martens, for kids and adults, men and women alike. When you find a pair of Dr Martens in our range that you like, you just click, checkout and know that they will soon be delivered to your door. With our fast shipping speeds, there is no need to wait!

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