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Draven shoes – fashion statement for women and men

In a very crowded shoe market, Draven goes above and beyond to create shoes that stand out by constantly challenging the status quo and continuing to stretch the limits of design and creativity. In our range, you find designs that have been inspired by music, street art, tattoos and skateboarding. For the edgy, cool and laid-back young woman or man, Draven is the perfect brand as their designers truly know what makes a pair of shoes unique, awesome and just right for you as they don’t only design their shoes for you, they design the shoes for themselves as well!

Draven shoes – embracing the Californian lifestyle

Draven is a Southern Californian shoe brand with a mission: they have decided to turn the entire shoe industry completely upside-down. This rebellious company has been around for more than 30 years, and they have revolutionised the industry in more than one way with their exciting and fun designs and innovations. Every little detail in Draven’s shoe collections has been thoughtfully designed and constructed to meet the requirements of their constantly growing group of fans. In California and all around the world, you’ll see Draven shoes on bands, athletes and happy guys and girls who embrace and embody the Draven lifestyle.

Draven – style your shoes

Do the shoes need styling or is it the outfit that needs to be amped up a bit? Draven shoes speak for themselves and do not need any special guidelines to when or how they are best worn. The Draven girl and guy knows exactly when and how to wear their shoes. Still want some suggestions? OK! Wear them with your jeans, shorts, dress or skirt when you are working, shopping, catching up with your friends over coffee, visiting your parents or grandparents, on a date or when walking your dog. You could probably wear them at home as well, just because you feel like it!

Draven online at Footway

At Footway, you can find shoes from Draven and many, many more popular and well-known brands. Our online store is always open, so you can pop in and browse around whenever it suits you. Buying shoes from Footway is easy: all you have to do is select the shoes that you like, click “buy” and add them to your shopping cart. When you are ready to complete your purchase, you just continue to the check-out and place your order. Your new shoes will be on their way to you sooner than you know it. Find your new shoes from Draven at Footway!

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