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EMU Australia shoes will carry you safely over rugged terrain

This Australian brand is named after the tall and proud birds that populate the Australian continent. The company takes inspiration from the rapid and constant forward motion of the bird, as well as their resourcefulness and their graceful beauty. The range of shoes in the EMU Australia selection at Footway all reflect the earthy natural tones of their Australian homeland and are designed to support you through the rugged terrain and many challenges that life may bring. Typical of their range are the warm and padded slip-on boots that keep feet cosy and protected.

Caring for your EMU Australia shoes

All environments include dust, but nowhere is as dusty as the Australian climate. Although the natural tones of EMU Australia shoes help to minimise the effects of dust, you can still keep the shoes in good condition by wiping them free of dust and dirt every now and then. Use a soft brush or a cloth to wipe the shoes, and a little bit of water and detergent for stubborn patches. Keep your shoes away from direct heat and never let them stand for too long in direct sunlight as this can cause both fading and cracking of the materials.

Style tips for EMU Australia shoes

EMU Australia shoes are created with the outdoors in mind, but are also suitable for a range of other environments. A pair of elegant ballerinas in beautifully subtle tones will seem appropriate in a variety of settings, including at work, day trips or in bars on a night out. The soft padded boots are particularly cosy to wear during the winter or as slippers when you are working around the house. Wear equally natural colours to create a coordinated look, or work around the shade of the shoes to come up with a matching combo.

EMU Australia shoes online at Footway

If you need your shoes in a hurry, you have come to the right online shop. Fast delivery is one of the big advantages of shopping at Footway. We keep all shoes advertised on our website in stock in our warehouse, so we can ship them straight to you as soon as we receive your order. No need to wait while we order the shoes you want. Fast shipping, simple shopping and a huge selection. Why bother with anyone else?!

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2 results
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