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F-troupe shoes – follow the stars

This London brand has garnered a number of fans around the world since its launch in 2003. The designer behind the label is Mick Hoyle who taught himself and has come up with many unusual and much-loved designs such as women’s brogues, patterned wedges and various designs featuring the distinctive cat character that is associated with F-troupe. Many young musicians and actresses have been seen wearing F-troupe shoes, cementing the brand’s reputation as a cool and unique alternative to the standard fashion houses. At Footway, you have the choice of sandals, ballerinas and wedges, but with so many innovative designs, how will you choose? Hint: our filters can help.

Care instructions for F-troupe shoes

Following in the footsteps of the stars means taking good care of your shoes. You wouldn’t see a famous actress walking around with dirty shoes, would you? However, it doesn’t have to be a chore. A great tip is to spray your shoes with a protective waterproofing agent before you wear them. This will allow them to resist dirt to a greater degree, meaning that you can wipe them clean when you get home and they will be as good as new.

Style tips for F-troupe shoes

Wearers of F-troupe shoes have a distinctive sense of style and are confident enough to wear the shoes in the knowledge that other people will follow. However, if you aren’t super-confident, don’t worry. These models and singers have already done the hard work, so everyone knows that F-troupe shoes are cool and you can wear them safe in the knowledge that the trend is firmly established. Go for a pair of wedges to match your favourite skirt or some distinctive ballerinas to go with jeans.

F-troupe shoes online at Footway

The F-troupe brand is a popular one and at Footway we have already sent out many pairs to enthusiastic new customers. However, sending gorgeous shoes to new homes is something that we never get tired of, so when it is your turn to order, rest assured that we will have the shoes packed and shipped before you know it. Our website is streamlined to give you the best shopping experience and we pride ourselves on our simple ordering process, but if you should have any problems, simply call us and we will help you through to your new shoes.

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8 results
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