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Flying forward with Feiyue

To all you sneaker-lovers out there – look no further! Feiyue is a sneaker brand that makes trendy sneakers with an incredibly comfy fit. These lightweight plimsolls are truly a classic. Through the years the sneakers have evolved and are now combining French and international influences. They are casual with unique designs and will go nicely with a pair of chinos or a summer dress. Feiyue is about a vision and attitude about life. The brand's DNA lies in simple, classic, clean and timeless silhouettes. Start exploring and experience all aspects of life by taking the next step to fly forward with Feiyue.

Feiyue – from Shaolin monks to politicians

In the early 1920’s Feiyue was first seen on the streets of Shanghai. The brand's shoes were famous for their flexibility, comfort and robustness and were used by Shaolin monks and workers as well as politicians. The shoes became extremely popular thanks to the lightweight canvas and casual designs. Since 2006, Feiyue has had its home in France and without losing any genuine vintage charm the shoes have gone through some transformations. Today these trendy canvas shoes are influenced by French and international influences. The sneakers are always following trends and fashion, but always keep their genuine vintage heritage.

Get comfy in your Feiyue

Feiyue was originally made for Marshall arts practitioners and workers who needed extremely robust, lightweight and comfortable shoes to be able to execute their professions. These features still exist today, which make Feiyue sneakers very strong and reliable. With durable and strong canvas as well as a rubber sole, these sneakers really don´t need any special care as long as you don´t use them when it is raining.If you want a classic and casual look you can easily wear your Feiyue shoes with a relaxed and comfortable outfit such as jeans and a t-shirt or a nice dress. These shoes are prefect for your everyday life.

From France to Footway - Feiyue

As sneakers are as popular as ice cream nowadays, we are very happy to be able to provide you with Feiyue’s fantastic collection of comfortable and trendy sneakers here on Footway.With a wide range to choose from it´s not going to be easy but don´t you worry, we are here to help you. We consider ourselves to be the best online shoe store and we want to make sure our customers have access to the best customer service team to answer any questions or concerns. We always follow fashion and trends and with over 30,000 models and many popular brands, there will surely be something for everyone. Order your favourite shoes today and you´ll have them on your feet before you know it.

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