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Filippa K shoes – quality Scandinavian design for women

The Filippa K headquarters stand proudly in Stockholm and the brand has gone from success to success since starting out in 1993. As a leading fashion brand in Scandinavia, the designers work to produce pieces that focus on a contemporary and simplistic interpretation of life and feature a mixture of quality and tailored sportswear and shoes. As the range at Footway will show, these clean Scandinavian designs and earthy warm colours can express a world of quality and comfort, even before you try the shoes on for the first time. From chunky sandals or stiletto ankle boots to elegant lace-ups, this range has a number of possibilities for both men and women in the modern world.

How to look after your Filippa K shoes

Looking after shoes is a key step in maintaining their condition for the future. If you have invested in a pair of Filippa K shoes, you will want to preserve them for the years to come. Wipe shoes clean or use a soft brush to buff leather or suede. Allow shoes to stand in the open air for a while after wearing them to ensure all moisture evaporates, and never leave your shoes next to the radiator.

Style tips for Filippa K shoes

Filippa K style speaks of the high quality Scandinavian approach to life, where workdays are shorter and people spend more time valuing the important things in life. Take a look through the range and go for the model that speaks to your sense of life and adventure. While it’s tempting to choose something that will match your existing wardrobe, you can also do things the other way around, going for shoes first and adapting your clothes afterwards. One thing is certain; with Filippa K you will end up with a pair of high quality shoes that will become a staple for the years to come.

Filippa K shoes online at Footway

Nowadays, most people have shopped online many times and will be familiar with the process. However, if you are new to the internet or would like some help and support, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Not only are we the web’s most friendliest people, we are also experts in how our website works, so we can guide you through the process and help you to get the shoes you want sent directly.

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2 results
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