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El Naturalista shoes – beautiful footwear for the ethically conscious

The world is a fantastically diverse place and more and more people are turning to ethically sound fashion brands as a way of contributing towards preserving that diversity and protecting the people who live in developing countries. El Naturalista shoes provide you with the ultimate combination of fashion, quality and guaranteed fair treatment for the people and environments that form part of the manufacturing process. There is much to admire in a brand that can offer shoes are both beautiful and comfortable; all while making the world into a slightly better place.

Taking care of your El Naturalista shoes

El Naturalista is famous for both leather shoes and vegan alternatives. However, whatever your approach to choosing shoe material, your approach to taking care of your shoes should be the same. Be sure to wipe off dirt and dust as soon as possible, keep shoes away from direct heat sources, instead allowing them to dry naturally. A shoe horn can be an invaluable tool in protecting the shape of your shoes when you slip them on and off. You can also use a waterproofing agent before the first use to further protect the surface of the shoes.

Style tips for El Naturalista shoes

Wearing El Naturalista shoes is a way of showing that you have a keen sense of style and that you take responsibility for the world we live in. The shoes come in many models, from boots and sandals to slip-ons and Mary Janes. The design is sublime, with all shoes featuring a rounded toe that offers a comfortable fit and with shoe models available in many naturally inspired colours. The various shades of brown and beige are particularly gorgeous and provide the perfect complement to a cream skirt or understated outfit.

El Naturalista online at Footway

We also care about the environment, which is why we seek to minimize the time you spend ordering shoes from us online. In other words, we have made our ordering process as simple as possible and we hope that you will make good use of it in ordering your favourite pair (or pairs!) of El Naturalista shoes. Our greatest pleasure is to pack up these beautiful shoes and ship them off to good homes. We offer super-fast delivery so you can start enjoying your new shoes without delay. The downside? There isn’t one!

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7 results
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