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Fly London shoes – expect the unexpected

This is a brand originally created in London in 1994, but now based in Portugal. The mix of cultures has clearly had an innovative effect on the designers as these shoes have something unique while all maintaining the same high standards of quality and flair. Fly London offers both plain and beautifully coloured shoes, boots and sandals, with their talent for the unexpected shining through in every model. They use high quality materials of mainly leather, dyed in various gorgeous shades. Your wardrobe couldn’t help but be enhanced by the addition of a pair of Fly London shoes.

Care instructions for Fly London shoes

High quality shoes deserve high quality care to keep them looking nice. Let your leather shoes and sandals dry in the open air. Boots can be stuffed with newspaper to collect all the moisture that occurs during use and to help retain their shape. One important thing to remember is to keep your Fly London shoes away from sources of direct heat as high temperatures can have a damaging effect on the leather. Wipe off any mud and dirt with a damp cloth or brush off dried patches of dirt with a soft brush.

Style tips for Fly London shoes

Everything about Fly London speaks of innovation and character. These shoes add a touch of glamour even to the simplest outfits, and when worn with an eye-catching dress, they will truly make you stand out from the crowd. When it comes to colour, you can follow the matching or contrasting concepts. Match your shoe colour with something you already own, or go for a completely different colour to provide a focus point. The latter works particularly well with black outfits. Get yourself noticed with Fly London shoes

Fly London shoes online at Footway

Our goal is to spread a love of shoes throughout the world, so we are starting out in Europe. If you have fallen in love with a pair of Fly London shoes, don’t hesitate to order them and let us provide you with what might become your next favourite pair of shoes. We pride ourselves on a simple and smooth ordering process and we are proud of our delivery speed records. Want your shoes as soon as possible? Send in your order and we will do our best to unite you with your new shoes within a very short period.

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9 results
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