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Pax shoes – a range to delight children everywhere

Pax is a Swedish company based in Örebro in Sweden. They have been producing children’s footwear for over 80 years and this long history of craftsmanship stands them in good stead when it comes to knowing what will suit the little feet best. At Footway we offer a wide range of Pax children’s shoes in various models, including boots, trainers, sandals and wellingtons. It goes without saying that this range includes a lot of colour and many bright patterns and innovative designs that will appeal to children’s sense of fun.

Care instructions for Pax shoes

Since children’s adventures often take them into the muddiest and dirtiest spots, these shoes are made to withstand the worst kinds of treatment. However, you can help keep the shoes in fine condition by cleaning them regularly. Leather shoes can be wiped with a damp cloth and a mild mix of water and soap. Fabric shoes can be machine washed, but be sure to let all types of shoes dry naturally away from heat sources such as radiators and sunlight. If your children often play on the beach, be sure to empty the shoes of sand before entering your home!

Style tips for Pax shoes

Children are precious for their sense of fun and play and for the potential that they represent to the world. Although you cannot wrap them in cotton wool and protect them from everything, you can at least ensure that they have well-made and well-fitting footwear. With a range of over 200 pairs of Pax shoes, there is bound to be something to suit every child. You can choose shoes together with your child, or find out their favourite colour or item of clothing and base your selection on what matches.

Pax shoes online at Footway

Buying children’s shoes has become a whole lot easier since the advent of online shopping. Children are not the most patient of shopping companions, so being able to skip those long trudges around the shopping centre is a boon for any parent. Even aunts, uncles and godparents will appreciate the ease with which you can choose and order shoes using Footway. Our ordering process is simple and intuitive, we deliver fast and with such a wide selection to browse through, there is simply no need to go anyway else.

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