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Moccasins – a great casual shoe trend

Moccasins, or sailor shoes, have been a wonderful alternative to lace-up shoes for many years. The slip-on concept and simplicity of the design appeals to many people. You can get plain, patterned or decorated varieties and they are perfect for wearing around the house or garden, in casual work environments and for easy trips out (grocery shopping, for example). Many people wear moccasins every day of the year: they are simply that comfy and easy to slip on and off. Our range of moccasins includes models in both fabric and leather, and we offer a range of colours and designs.

Caring for your moccasins

Moccasins are also easy to take care of. The nature of the shoes lends itself best to casual and easy indoor activities, where you are not likely to come into contact with mud or dirt. Therefore it is unlikely that your moccasins will need much cleaning. If they do, you can brush away caked dirt and dust with a soft brush or wipe them with a cloth. Use a foam cleaner for more persistent stains, and a polish for leather. You can also use a waterproofing agent for both leather and fabric shoes to maintain the condition for longer.

Style tips for moccasins

Just because moccasins are casual doesn't mean they have to be frumpy. You can look great with a pair of elegant moccasins matched with long or 3/4-length trousers. You can wear them with a casual skirt or dress. When it comes to colour, the simple style of a pair of moccasins lends itself well to natural shades of brown and beige. However, muted and pastel colours such as a soft green or light blue can also work well.

Moccasins online at Footway

At Footway, we love all types of shoes, fancy and plain. This means that we put as much effort into sending you a simple pair of moccasins as we do in shipping the fanciest pair of heels in our range. Our goal is to get you your shoes as fast as humanly possibly, so that you can start to enjoy them straight away. Delivery is at lightening speeds and we always keep all pairs of shoes ready in our warehouse so you never have to wait while we order a pair from our wholesalers. We love talking to our customers, so if you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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118 results
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