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Soulland – Timeless shoes with a twist

In Footway’s selection of Soulland shoes, you find classic and timeless shoes with an interesting twist that takes the shoes from ordinary to extraordinary. It is commonly said that men only need three pairs of shoes: black, brown and sports shoes. We say, you settle for that? Soulland shoes come in other classic colours as well, and they will look great with any pants and for any occasion. Soulland shoes are made in high-quality materials and comfort has been a priority for the designers. So treat yourself to shoes from Soulland and you will walk in comfort as well as in style.

Soulland – Award-winning men’s fashion brand

The Danish fashion label Soulland was founded in 2002 and has won a number of awards over the years. They are frequently featured in renowned magazines like The New York Times, GQ, The Guardian and Bangkok Post, just to mention a few. Their design has clear Scandinavian roots, combined with a contemporary feel. Soulland opened their first flagship store in Copenhagen in 2013 and here they regularly host pop-up concerts as well as social events. So if you happen to walk by, pop in an check out their range of men’s apparel and footwear! In the meantime, you can order your Soulland shoes from Footway!

Caring for your Soulland shoes

With leather, suede and even textile shoes, you should always weatherproof them with a protective spray to prevent stains and repel water before the first time you use them. Invest in good shoe care products and take your time to brush and polish your shoes a couple of times per season. Suede shoes benefit from a quick brush-over as it will restore their look. It might seem like a boring job, but it’s really worth it in the long run. Remember to never dry your leather and suede shoes close to a heat source! This will dry out the leather and cause it to crack.

Soulland shoes online on Footway

Why should you choose to buy your shoes from Footway instead of in a brick-and-mortar store? First of all, we have a huge selection of footwear brands, including Soulland and many more, some that you can only find online. Secondly, we are always open 24 hours a day, every day, so you can swing by whenever it suits. Try doing that in a physical store! We also have a great service-minded customer support team at your disposal whenever you need help or guidance. When you have received your order, you can try out your new shoes at home and you can always return them if you’re not happy!

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