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Fornarina – for the trendy woman

Fornarina is an Italian brand that makes fun and trendy shoes for the urban and sophisticated woman. This brand inspires you to wear sensational prints, genuine materials and fancy heels to your cocktail dress or your trendy high waisted mom jeans. Fornarina is for the woman that knows what she wants and who knows what´s in fashion. The brand offers you a wide assortment of shoes such as wedges, high heels, sandals, ballerinas and so much more. Here you’ll definitely find something for your special outfit or occasion. Get ready to look absolutely gorgeous in your Fornarina shoes today.

Fornarina – a piece of Italian history

Fornarina was founded in Italy in 1947 and is a popular brand worldwide. Their main focus is to make shoes with high quality materials and a comfortable fit. They are known for their creative and innovative designs with a twist. These shoes are made for the trendy woman who has a playful and youthful style with a splash of creativity. The attention to detail is important for the brand and you can expect genuine leather and other interesting materials in their assortment. With these shoes on your feet you will be the centre of attention and the shining star at the party.

Get stylish with Fornarina

Your Fornarina shoes will be the perfect accessory to your outfit. Whether you are wearing a pair of jeans, a dress or a pair of shorts they will take your outfit to the next level. Are you a person who likes patterns and colours or a more simple design? Then this is the brand for you. Wedges, sandals, high heels or ballerinas, Fornarina has something for everyone. As with all shoes, just give your Fornarina shoes some love and care from time to time. As they often use genuine leather make sure to use the right shoe care products for your fabulous shoes.

Find your Fornarina shoes on Footway

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