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Frye shoes – durable boots that are not just for soldiers

This American brand has been around since the early days of modern footwear in 1863. With origins in Marlboro, Massachusetts, the founder John A Frye paved the way for the generations of craftsmen that would come afterwards. Frye have crafted boots for hundreds of celebrities and thousands of soldiers over the decades, and are remembered for the quality and innovation of their designs. While ostensibly a boot manufacturer, the range at Footway also includes beautiful wedge sandals and pumps. However, if it’s boots you’re after, you won’t find a better brand than this.

Care instructions for Frye shoes

It’s important to care for your shoes and prevent the leather or other materials from getting damaged or dirty. For most models, a quick brush with a shoe brush or a wipe with a soft cloth will suffice to remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated. However, for more stubborn dirt or mud patches, you can use a wet cloth dipped in water and a mild detergent. Follow up by polishing the leather and allowing the shoes to dry thoroughly in the open air. Never put leather shoes or boots on the radiator, as this will cause the materials to crack.

Style tips for Frye shoes

Wearing boots is one of the greatest pleasures of spring or autumn. Wear your Frye boots under or over your jeans and enjoy the looks and compliments you receive. You can even go for the lower boots during the summer if you pair them with a short skirt. When it comes to making your choice, you can go with a model that you have tried before, or go for something completely different. Why not be daring and buy that bright or metallic pair. The confidence you feel when wearing them will filter through into a more exciting life.

Frye shoes online at Footway

When people order Frye shoes at Footway, it is usually because they have heard great things about the Frye brand, or because they have heard great things about Footway. Sometimes both! Since the shoes peak for themselves, we can tell you the reasons that people usually choose us. They revolve around our huge selection, our simple shopping experience, our fast delivery and our super-friendly customer service. We live to serve the customer, so you can’t help but get a great feeling when you buy high quality shoes from us.

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3 results
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