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Gant shoes offer quality footwear for men and women

The brand Gant started out as a shirt-maker, formed by a Ukrainian man who emigrated to the US in 1949. The brand quickly went from strength to strength, with the G mark becoming one of the most prestigious logos to have on your clothes. The modern shoes offered by Gant are of equally high quality and are made according to the most up to date fashion and trends. Footway offers a wide range of Gant shoes for men and women, with everything from plain high-quality moccasins to striking and colourful high heels.

Caring for your Gant shoes

As Gant is one of the high quality brands, it shouldn't be difficult to care for your shoes. Handling and admiring a well-made item can be almost as much pleasure as wearing it. Wipe down or brush dirt off the shoes after wearing them. It is a good idea to use a waterproofing agent before the first use, and periodically thereafter. Be sure to store your shoes in a cool and dry environment. Stuffing them with paper during periods of less use can be a great way to preserve the shape.

Style tips for Gant shoes

With any high quality brand of shoes, there is a temptation to buy the shoes first and find a matching outfit later. The Gant brand is no different. Why not browse through the range we offer with an open mind. You may find that something unusual jumps out at you. Gant offers shoes that are suitable for both formal and casual occasions, with an emphasis on eye-catching quality. One thing is sure, with a pair of Gant shoes on your feet, the rest of your outfit will become less important.

Gant shoes online at Footway

We pride ourselves on our wide selection, with almost 200 models from Gant alone. If you multiply that by the number of brands we offer, then you will get an impossibly high number. However, let us worry about the numbers. You should simply enjoy browsing through our wide range. And when a pair of shoes catches your eye, rest assured that the ordering process is quick and smooth with no need for fuss and bother. We are also proud of our fast delivery times. Check out our delivery information page for more details on delivery within your area.

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