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Glerups shoes – the world's most comfortable indoor shoes

For those who aren’t yet in the know, Glerups is a word synonymous with felt slippers. These beauties started out when a Danish mother (Nanny Glerups) started experiment with the wool from her sheep. She succeeded in making what must be the most comfortable shoes in existence, and the Glerups Company was born. Nowadays they produce unisex slippers made of soft felt with leather insoles and rubber outersoles. Glerups recommend that you wear these shoes without socks for the warmest and cosiest experience, but you can of course also choose to wear different coloured socks or tights to complete your indoor outfit.

Care instructions for Glerups shoes

Keeping your Glerups clean is easy. Like any woollen item, you can handwash them with water and mild detergent, and then leave them to dry naturally in the air. Make sure the water isn’t too hot, as you don’t want your Glerups shrinking! Since wool is naturally dirt repellent, you won’t have to wash them too often. The other great thing about wool is its natural wicking properties that will keep feet dry, warm and odour free.

Style tips for Glerups shoes

Slippers are not often thought of in conjunction with style, but these gorgeous slip-ons are lovely enough to wear even at work or when you have guests over at home. The design is a little like traditional Scandinavian clogs, and with a range of colours, you can find one to match your favourite home outfit, or you could go for a colour that complements your interior décor. The soft blacks, browns and greys are perhaps the most versatile, but if you wear a lot of red or prefer to go around in jeans at home, then the scarlet or blue varieties could also suit you.

Glerups shoes online at Footway

Buy Glerups for yourself, or as a present for someone you are fond of. They are so comfortable that you will surely be in that person’s good books for a while to come. Ordering online at Footway is easy. Simply choose the model you want and select the size and then transfer the shoes to your basket. You can then go to the checkout, make you payment and voila! Your shoes will be shipped to you within a few short hours. Our fast delivery is a big advantage of shopping with Footway.

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