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Gola – A popular brand for those with high expectations

Gola shoes have been popular among people all over the world for many, many years. If you have high expectations when it comes to quality and fit, Gola is the perfect brand to test out. You will not be disappointed. The shoes are made of suede as well as canvas and they come with a durable rubber sole that will provide you with a good grip on the road. There are many nice colours and a variety of patterns to choose between and several different styles that will attract all kinds of people.

Gola, from a small production to an international star

Gola has been around for quite some time and the brand kicked off production in early 1900’s. It started off very small, but as the years went by the brand kept growing stronger. The company produced shoes that had a huge impact on the world of sports and focused on designing shoes for all kinds of athletes. Anyone who is involved in sports know how important it is to have comfortable shoes with a great fit and that’s exactly what Gola will give you. Today, Gola is a strong international brand and loved around the world.

Care for your Gola shoes and style them right

If you want to be absolutely certain that you will be able to wear your shoes year after year you need to commit to doing some work. Shoes don’t take care of themselves, you need to give them some assistance from time to time. Gola uses genuine leather and very durable canvas. It’s a good idea to buy shoe care products specifically for these materials. You can match the shoes with anything you please. Possibly your favourite jeans, a loose dress or maybe a stylish suit. There are many different colours so pick the one that suits your style and overall closet theme.

Find your next pair of Gola shoes online on Footway

Gola shoes can be worn on an everyday basis or when building up a sweat at that next training session. Check out Footway’s selection and choose your pair today. At the same time, you will be part of a shoe community like no other. Many customers leave comments after a purchase with great tips and advice about the shoes they just got so take a look in the comment section if you want to learn more about a model. If you have other questions you can always contact the customer service department for more information!

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