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Elegant shoes from Gram

Gram has a nice selection of timeless and elegant shoes that can be worn for a special event or with an everyday outfit. No matter what you are planning to wear, we guarantee that Gram shoes are always an excellent choice. The designs are sleek and clean with nice details and high quality materials. The shoes are very comfortable and you can easily keep them on all day long. Treat yourself to a pair of shoes from a trustworthy brand that will give you exactly what you would expect in terms of style and quality.

Gram shoes – Scandinavian style at its best

Gram is a unique brand that was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, which explains the Scandinavian influences and clean lines. Here you will find shoes for both men and women that need a place in your closet! There are many different patterns, colours and styles so you can easily get inspiration and put together a variety of looks. You can go for something out of the ordinary, or get your hands on a more discreet pair that will be easy to match. Or why not go for both?! You can expect strong, high quality materials that won’t disappoint.

Gram shoes, reliable materials and a strong sole

This is a brand with a strong focus on providing customers with good, durable materials. The shoes are very functional and have a rubber sole that gives you an optimal grip when out walking on different kinds of surfaces. When it’s raining you should leave your Gram shoes at home to ensure they keep their good condition for as long as possible. You are much better off with a pair of rubber boots that are meant for that type of weather. Match your shoes with a pretty dress, chinos, denim shorts or your favourite pair of jeans with a nice shirt.

Gram shoes online on Footway

There is never a bad time for your own pair of Gram shoes, so look through our website and select your favourite pair. Footway works fast and we do what we can to send over your shoes as soon as possible. You can reach out to our customer service team if you have questions about our selection, ordering process, deliveries or something else regarding our website. We have shoes for all the different seasons, events and personal styles and you can explore a large range of brands suitable for the whole family. Welcome to Footway!

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11 results
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