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The team at Halti is filled nature-lovers. They admire nature and find peace in every single facet of it. The wild terrains, the difficult mountains, the crazily cold snow, everything seems mysterious. However, during their course of unfolding these mysteries, they realised that equipping the body with protective gear is a crucial part of these experiences. Without some easy-to-carry, durable and fitting gear, these adventures can be quite troublesome. If your body is well-protected, you can completely enjoy the weather that you are in. Which is why they came up with Halti in 1972.#### What is so special about Halti?

All their footwear designs are crafted with one single aim – to be your guard in the tough conditions of the Nordic weather.They always try to make footwear designs that are practical in such conditions and are not gimmicky. To get some first-hand reviews of the products, they seek some help from the people that create wonders in such climates. From professional to amateur athletes, people who find passion in nature help them make their designs totally functional.

Be it for those adventures in nature or just your fitness regime in serene landscapes, you can find a fit in the Halti collection. Thanks to their partner athletes and the dedicated research team, they are now able to create amazing footwear designs. Their range of footwear designs fit diverse needs while withstanding the severe weather amazingly.

The huge Halti collection

Being nature freaks, the team at Halti knows that every different terrain asks for something else. Every different terrain requires unique gear that can actually survive it. That is why they have 4 different collections for your varying nature cravings.

The ‘Halti Outdoor’ range consists of footwear designs that can be your partners all-year round. No matter what adventure you are seeking, this range would help you well.

The ‘Halti Ski’ collection is designed to protect you when you are skiing feverously in the dynamic Nordic snow. With this collection, you can easily focus on the snow and you never have to worry about your shoes.

The ‘Halti Multisport’ range can be your companion in dynamic weather conditions. Light-weight and versatile, these shoes can go wherever you want.

The ‘Halti Active Lifestyle’ collection, brings to you designs that are fashionable in addition to being practical. Roam around the city regardless of the weather with this stylish and comfortable footwear range.

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50 results
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