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Ed Hardy – inspired by the most beautiful body art

Ed Hardy sounds like a brand that makes shoes exclusively for men. However, when it comes to the range at Footway, the truth is almost completely quite the opposite. Although there are models for men, the ladies shoes offered in this range are some of the most feminine and most fabulous shoes you are ever likely to see. The beautiful patterns are inspired by urban artwork and tattoos in particular, but the bright colours are far more vibrant than can be achieved in ink. Whether you are into tattoos or not, these shoes are for anyone who loves colour and aspires to a glamorous life.

Looking after Ed Hardy shoes

It would be a crime to let those gorgeous colours and patterns get lost under a layer of dirt. That’s why we recommend that you use a protective waterproofing agent before the first time you wear these shoes. This will help them to repel both water and dirt when you are out and about. Wipe off shoes when you get home again to keep them in tip top condition and always leave any shoes in the open air to dry naturally rather than leaving them next to a heat source.

Style tips for Ed Hardy shoes

For men, the patterns on the Ed Hardy sneakers lend themselves to being worn with jeans and a brightly coloured T-shirt or hoody. Some of these shoes have logos or US city names, which means that they are ideally matched with a particularly urban look. For women, the Ed Hardy range is all about heels and colour. You can get pumps and wedges in a variety of colours and patterns. Match one of the main colours with a detail in the rest of your outfit, or wear these shoes with a neutral colour such as black or grey for a great effect.

Ed Hardy shoes online at Footway

The great thing about ordering shoes from Footway is that there are three great things. Firstly, our huge selection of shoes. Whether it’s a pair of Ed Hardy's or another great brand that has caught your eye, the choice is bewildering. Secondly, our simple shopping experience. We don’t complicate things with long forms or multi-step processes. Simply choose your shoes, give us a few details, make your payment and we’ll send them over. The third great thing? Phenomenally fast delivery!

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