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Swedish Hasbeens shoes – they aren’t just for oldies

The most distinctive things about the Swedish Hasbeens brand is how they have taken ownership of their name. They proclaim a Hasbeen as a person who is tired of being categorised into a certain target group. Inspired by the liberalness of the 1970s, Swedish Hasbeens are proud to be creative and express their individuality in the clothes and shoes that they wear. The Swedish Hasbeens range at Footway presents a range of clogs, boots and sandals to suit Hasbeens all over the world. And with sustainable manufacturing techniques and an ethical approach to shoemaking, this brand just keeps getting better.

Care instructions for Swedish Hasbeens shoes

Swedish Hasbeens shoes are made of natural grain leather that is prepared in ecologically sound ways that are kind to both people and the environment. With such a beautiful background, your new shoes really deserve a little attention when it comes to keeping them in good shape. You can wipe most types of leather clean with a cloth or brush them with a soft brush. Use a conditioning cream to keep the leather supple, and always allow your shoes to air thoroughly after wearing them.

Style tips for Swedish Hasbeens shoes

Even if you aren’t into 70s style clothing, you can still ascribe to the values of self-expression and tolerance. However, once you have taken a look at this range of shoes, we think you will realise that there is a gap in your wardrobe. A gap where you are missing a beautiful pair of wood and leather boots, for example; or a sublime pair of dark green sandals. Even if you are certain that you have all the shoes you need, you can still admire the craftsmanship of these shoes, with the natural wood blending perfectly with the soft leather and the wise choice of colours. We invite you to browse and explore this range of beautiful shoes.

Swedish Hasbeens shoes online at Footway

Once you have realised the gaping hole in your shoes collection, the only thing left to do is to fill it with a beautiful pair of Swedish Hasbeens shoes. Send us your order and we will ensure that your new shoes are shipped within hours. No one likes to be inadequate, and you should take steps to plug that hole in your wardrobe as soon as you can. If this brand doesn’t have the perfect pair for you, never fear. There are plenty of other brands in the selection on our website.

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9 results
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