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Tessa & Mimmi Clogs – Stylish Swedish clogs

Those who are fashion-forward and know what´s going on in the fashion world have certainly seen clogs on celebrities in the past years. Stars like Sara Jessica Parker have been seen strolling around in these cool and stylish shoes.The Swedish brand Tessa & Mimmi Clogs are creating Swedish clogs by mixing traditional design with modern and fun details. In their collections they use cool patterns and innovating design and shoes with a comfortable fit are always on their minds.This is a shoe you can wear whether you are going to work or for a Sunday stroll in you neighbourhood.

Tessa & Mimmi Clogs – Swedish culture

Tessa & Mimmi clogs were founded in the south of Sweden in 2007 by two friends, Tessa and Mimmi. After introducing the brand in America with success Mimmi and Tessa wanted to introduce the brand to the Swedish market. For them it was important to pass on the Swedish heritage and culture, which you can see in their collections.Their clogs are hand painted and designed in a way that you almost feel like you are a part of the Swedish culture. The design is traditional yet modern and the fit is absolutely amazing.If you haven’t tried them yet, buy a pair of Tessa & Mimmi shoes today on Footway.

Tessa & Mimmi Clogs - A taste of summer

Tessa & Mimmi Clogs are the type of shoes that you can wear anywhere and everywhere. Whether it is a summer party in the garden, a business meeting or to give your everyday outfits a boost. They will always be the right choice. Tessa & Mimmi clogs are really easy to wear and they will always make you look and feel absolutely fabulous.With their comfortable fit you will be able to have them on during the whole day without any sore feet. What better way than to give your feet warm hugs from Tessa & Mimmi clogs without compromising on design.

Find Tessa & Mimmi Clogs on Footway

Are you looking for clogs of genuine Swedish design and quality then look no further. On Footway, you can find Tessa & Mimmi's colourful collection of clogs.Here you will find what you are looking for!With fast deliveries and excellent customer service, shopping on Footway is easy peasy. Take the opportunity to shop without any stress and to try your new pair of Tessa & Mimmi clogs at home.Footway gives you a shopping experience that you will not forget and the best part is that you will have your new pair of shoes delivered to your doorstep.Go online and shop on Footway today!

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