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Heelys shoes – for fast kids to get even faster

If you have ever seen kids skating around on wheels in the soles of their shoes, then Heelys are the shoes you are seeing. The idea arose in 1999 when Roger Adams came up with the idea of putting wheels into the heels of kids’ shoes as a modern alternative to skateboards and rollerblades. These shoes will give you that extra boost of speed when you need it the most. For making your way across the playground, racing to the bus or impressing your classmates, there is nothing quite like the freedom of gliding with a pair of Heelys. The wheels are removable, and without them the shoes look like any other pair of stylish trainers. Unleash your inner skater with Heelys wheeled trainers!

Caring for Heelys shoes

These trainers can be cared for like any other pair of trainers. Waterproof them before the first use for best results and wipe away mud and dirt regularly after use to preserve the bright colours. If you frequently wear the trainers without the wheels, there may be a build-up of dirt in the wheel hollow. This can be removed with a blunt object and then rinsed out with water. Always let the trainers air dry, rather than putting them on the radiator.

Style tips for Heelys shoes

Kids who wear Heelys are the trendsetters and therefore whatever they wear becomes the envy of their classmates. This effect can be maximised by coordinating the colour the trainers with a T-shirt or jacket, or matching a detail on the shoes with a detail in the rest of the outfit. As an example, imagine blue Heelys being matched with a blue beanie hat – you get the picture.

Heelys shoes online at Footway

When you shop at Footway you can be sure that we are one of the market’s best choices for shoes and service. We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously and always check and double-check the parcels before they are shipped. When you want a huge selection, an easy and stress-free shopping experience and the comfort of knowing that you shoes will arrive quickly, you can turn to Footway and relax, knowing that all your expectations will be met. Any questions or concerns, get in touch with us by phone or email.

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26 results
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