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Hello Kitty- sweet and innocent

Hello Kitty is a brand that usually reminds people of young girls and adorable products. This is an incredibly popular brand among children and it has been around since the 70’s. You can find anything from cute accessories, purses and of course shoes. Footway offers wellies, sandals and sneakers from Hello Kitty so that you can dress your children appropriately for any kind of weather. Pink is a dominating colour and the kitty logo can be seen in different shapes and forms on all the shoes. This is a brand that your kids will love and it will also bring some colour to your everyday life.

Hello Kitty, a cute brand for adorable children

Hello Kitty is a playful brand that puts a smile on people’s faces all over the world. The company was founded in Japan in 1974 and the inspiration for different styles and themes throughout each collection comes from TV shows, movies and music. Although this is a very popular brand among children, the age span has actually grown over the years and today you can find just as many teenagers and adults with Hello Kitty items. There are around 50,000 products available today in over 60 countries and the brand just keeps on growing.

Colourful, playful shoes from Hello Kitty

The face of the brand which is the Hello Kitty logo, is mostly designed by Yuko Yamaguchi, and this logo is recognized by most people whether they have heard of the brand or not. Footway offers very cute Hello Kitty shoes for children and it is hard not to fall in love with them. The colours are gorgeous and the styles are adorable. When your children see these shoes, they will want to wear them day after day. The sneakers are perfect for long days at school or daycare, the sandals are great for summer and the wellies will keep the feet dry in rainy weather. Mix and match with comfortable trousers, dresses and shorts.

Purchase Hello Kitty shoes online on Footway

If you are on the hunt for a pair of cute shoes for your sons or daughters, consider a pair from Hello Kitty. Order them directly on Footway’s website and give yours kids a nice surprise. They will love these shoes and there are even great options for all the different seasons of the year. If you need help with sizes, ordering, returns or more, send an email to customer service or give them a call. Footway also has many other brands to look into if you want to purchase a pair for yourself as well.

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5 results
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