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Helly Hansen shoes – From Scandinavian sailors to stylish footwear

The Helly Hansen brand grew out of a business started by a Norwegian sea captain and his wife, when they began manufacturing sailors’ clothing from linen soaked in linseed oil. That was in 1877. Within 5 years they had sold over 10,000 pieces and began exporting their products not long afterwards. The company has come a long way since those days but still retains its close association with the sea and its innovative outlook. The range of footwear is in big demand by sailors, skiers and adventurers who need the protection during bad conditions, while also enjoying the elegance these Scandinavian shoes have.

Looking after Helly Hansen shoes

Looking after these shoes is as simple as letting them do their job and making sure that they are clean and dry at the end of the day. If you work in and around salt water, it’s worth rinsing your shoes off at the end of the voyage, as the salt can have a degrading effect on even the toughest materials. Applying a protective waterproofing agent can also be advantageous. Let shoes dry naturally in the air and keep them out of direct sunlight. Stuff the shoes with paper to help absorb excess moisture. Use a shoehorn to protect the backs of your shoes when putting them on.

Style tips for Helly Hansen shoes

The typical seaman style is evident in many of these pairs, from the navy colours to the waterproof boots that abound in the selection. If you are checking out the Helly Hansen shoes on Footway then perhaps you have a connection to the sea. You might also just need a great pair or sturdy boots or trainers for your everyday life. You can find plenty on offer when it comes to both colour and design for both men and women and we have a fine selection of shoes, boots and slip-ons.

Helly Hansen shoes online at Footway

Ordering from Footway is one of the best ways to make sure that you get your shoes quickly. We ship all orders within hours of receiving them and we make sure to keep all shoes advertised on our website in stock so that we can send them straight away. And that’s not the only advantage. You can also benefit from our wide selection and stress-free shopping process. Should you have any questions or queries, you can also find out how friendly our customer service agents are.

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