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Hispanitas shoes – Elegant Spanish design

The Hispanitas brand recently celebrated its 25 years anniversary, although the heritage of the brand stretches back to 1925, through three generations of the same family. The company is 100% Spanish but has a strong presence in over 50 countries around the world. The name Hispanitas comes from the signature ballerina pumps that the company became famous for making. With a glimpse at the range of beautiful shoes, you can see exactly why they became popular and why the company has such a strong presence in the international market. Bright colours, gorgeous details and comfortably rounded toes are characteristic of Hispanitas.

How to care for Hispanitas shoes

A little care can go a long way in keeping these beautiful shoes fresh and clean. When you get the shoes, it is a good idea to use a waterproofing agent (for example a protective spray – available from any shoe shop) before you wear them for the first time. The extra protection will help to keep the shoes safe from moisture and assist in repelling dirt from the coloured surface. You can wipe most of the models with a soft cloth to remove dust. Always use a shoehorn to help you put on the shoes in order to protect the delicate backs of the shoes.

Style tips for Hispanitas shoes

Beautiful flowers, buttons and bows. These pumps have enough femininity to satisfy any woman. But they are still shoes to be taken seriously. The ideal combination of girlish charm and womanly elegance, that will allow you to walk tall while feeling chic. The range of colours stretches from pastel green to perfect peach and includes all hues of cream and beige. The subtlety of the shades hints at shoes that will hide demurely beneath your desk, but the reality is that these shoes will refuse to stay hidden.

Hispanitas shoes online at Footway

Shoes from Footway are the kind that you can parade proudly in every day of the week. We know that once you have chosen the perfect pair of Hispanitas, you will be impatient to start wearing them as soon as possible. That’s why we don’t make you wait more than a couple of days before you can start enjoying these beautiful shoes. Our fast delivery is one of the big advantages of shopping with us, and we also offer fantastic customer service. Any problems with your order, just get in touch.

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