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Feel the difference with shoes from Hoka One One

When Hoka One One created their shoes, they had one main goal in mind – they wanted to make running easier. The founders of this shoe company, Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud, are long-time friends from a village in the French Alps. Initially, they created shoes for themselves to make it smoother and more comfortable for them to run in the mountains, hills and forests surrounding their hometown. All Hoka One One shoes have their signature premium cushioning and a unique-shaped midsole, combined with a special frame that will give you the ultimate feeling when you run.

How to care for your Hoka One One shoes

Once you have invested in a pair of Hoka One One shoes, you will want to maximise their lifespan and get many, many good runs out of them. If your Hoka One One shoes get wet, let them dry properly and brush off any dirt or mud. If you want to give them a good clean, wipe them with soapy water and a cloth, rubbing a bit extra on stubborn stains. Don’t store them close to a heat source as it might dry out the rubber. Just like with any high-quality shoe, if you look after your Hoka One One shoes, they will carry you through many great runs.

Styling your Hoka One One shoes

Hoka One One shoes are premium runners and would therefore look perfect with any running or fitness outfit. Opt for a discreet outfit in black and let your trainers add a pop of colour. Hoka One One shoes come in a number of different colours, from classic black or white to modern colours like dusty rose or turquoise and vivid red, yellow and blue. After a long, rewarding run, you can put a pair of recovery sandals on from the same brand. They look and feel so good you will want to wear them for the rest of the day – and guess what, you can!

Order your Hoka One One shoes from Footway

At Footway, you'll find a great selection of Hoka One One shoes as well as many other well-known brands. We are open 24/7, every day of the year, so you browse our store whenever it suits you. Buying shoes from us is convenient, fast and hassle-free, which means that you have time to do other things instead – like running.

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