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House of Montague – dressy shoes

House of Montague is Danish design at its very best! This brand is constantly growing more popular and still they are able to surprise the fashion world with their innovative and creative thinking. The target group in question are all those who enjoy fashion and trends and who aim to stand out from the crowd. House of Montague presents unique styles in combination with great fit and a nice selection of materials. Their most famous models are definitely their dressy sneakers. These are not regular sneakers but even so, they are just as comfortable.

House of Montague history and models

Sneakers are always the most comfy shoes, right? But some occasions may require other shoes than your casual everyday sneakers…. Hmm. This is where your House of Montague shoes come into the picture. They are comfortable sneakers, but with a dressy character, which makes them work well even in more dressy contexts. House Of Montague has only existed a few years, but has already grown into a well-known shoe brand. This is due to their unique sense of design and details. House Of Montague stands out because they demonstate a perfect blend of classic silhouettes and innovatiove, unexpected details. One of their collections is inspired by the 90´s hip hop culture and based on mink fur, isn´t that really something else?!

Care and style tips for House of Montague shoes

In short – if you own a pair of House of Montague sneakers, you can be both cool, dressed up and comfortable every single day. Not bad, huh? Keep in mind that leather materials need certain care to keep its quality over time. Use the correct products for leather treatment and your shoes will stay fab forever - well, maybe not forever, but for a very long time! Find your favourite House of Montague shoes and wear them with denim shorts in the summer and dressy pants for the rest of the year!

House of Montague shoes available online from Footway

Like we stated above, the season for House of Montague shoes is all year around. Therefore it may be wise to buy a few different pairs. Visit Footway and click your way through our range of House of Montague footwear. Shopping with us is simple, place your order today.

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