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Ivory shoes – the perfect wedding accessory

Ivory shoes are designed to be worn by blushing brides everywhere and are on sale here to be the perfect accompaniment to your wedding dress. Whatever style of dress you have gone for, it will surely be in a shade of white or cream and will therefore be beautifully complemented by the Ivory shoes of your choice. Made of beautiful materials and with bead or embroidered decorations, they simply beg to be walked down the aisle and worn on your most special of days.

Care instructions for Ivory shoes

The delicate colour and materials of these shoes are such that protecting them from moisture and dirt is of the utmost importance. However, we understand that wedding photographs often require you to trek through grass outside. To protect the delicate surface of the shoes, you can spray them with a waterproofing agent before use and this will help to repel water and dust so that you can blot them dry afterwards and hopefully avoid any stains. After the wedding, you may wish to keep the shoes as a reminder, so be sure to wipe away all traces of dirt and allow them to dry thoroughly before storage.

Style tips for Ivory shoes

Ivory shoes are designed with a very special outfit in mind, and therefore have a specific purpose in life. However, you can also choose which of these gorgeous shoes you want to be the lucky ones that take you through this amazing event. With beautiful embroidery or delicate beading decorations to choose from, you surely have one of the more difficult decisions of the whole wedding in front of you. The solution? Think about your dress and choose whichever the pair that most suggest the style and decorations on the dress itself.

Ivory shoes online at Footway

At Footway, we love weddings, but every day feels like a wedding when your job is to unite people with their new shoes. We have performed hundreds and hundreds of happy marriages by sending out the shoes that people have requested and we often imagine the blissful lives they are leading all over the world. We offer fast delivery, a wide range of brands and a carefree shopping experience. It’s no wonder people choose us. Whichever pair of shoes you want to partner yourself with, rest assured that we will get them to you in good time.

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